Emmanuel Fritzen – Professional Carrier


There are some who are in darkness
And the others are in light
And you see the ones in brightness
Those in darkness drop from site.

(Bertolt Brecht)



Born at Berlin-Neukölln (Germany)


1959 – 1963

Volksschule Lüchow (Germany)


Government Primary School, grades 1 – 4.


1963 – 1966

Gymnasium Lüchow (Germany)


Government Secondary School – grades 5 – 7.

Foreign languages: English beginning in grade 5, French beginning in grade 7.


1966 - 1968

Fu-Jen-University and Heng-Yi-Middle-School at XinZhuang (Taiwan)


Five semesters language studies Chinese (Mandarin) at the Mandarin-Center of Fu-Jen-University.


Guest-student in grade 8 at a local private secondary school.

Two semesters language studies French at the Department of Foreign Languages of Fu-Jen-University.


1968 – 1971

Gymnasium Lüchow (Germany)


High School student in grades 11 – 13 in a program focused on Mathematics and Sciences.

Examination: „Zeugnis der Reife“


1971 – 1975

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany)


Studies of Mathematics and Physics.


1975 – 1976

Pedagogic University of the State of Lower Saxony, Göttingen branch (Germany)


Studies of Pedagogy, Psychology and Teaching Methods.

Internship at “Realschule Northeim” during winter semester 1975/1976.

Internship (Großes Realschulpraktikum) at „Gerhard-Hauptmann-Realschule“ Nordhorn, February - April 1976.

Examination: First State Examination as Teacher of Mathematics and Physics


1976 – 1978

Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium Berlin-Spandau (Germany)


Trainee Teacher at a government Secondary School.

Teaching Mathematics and Physics in grades 8 – 10.

Examination: Second State Examination as Teacher of Mathematics and Physics


1978 – 1985

Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium Berlin-Spandau (Germany)


Teaching Mathematics and Physics in grades 7 – 10.

Since 1979/1980 permanently acting as form tutor.

Since 1979/1980 also teaching in the high school program in grades 11 - 13 .

Acting as examiner in high school diplomas (Abitur) in Mathematics and Physics.

In charge of the science laboratories at the branch school at Carl-Schulz-Straße (“Altes Kant-Gymnasium”).

In charge of setting up new science laboratories at a branch school “Grundschule am Wasserwerk”.

In charge of the organization of all school events of the Music department including public relations, marketing, stage organization and technical equipment.

In charge of school documentation of all school events, including the visit of the president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Karl Carstens.

Speaker in information campaigns for parents of primary school children on order to convince them to choose the appropriate type of secondary school.


1985 – 1990

Cameroon College of Arts and Sciences Kumba (Cameroon)


Working for “Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst” as teacher at Cameroon College of Arts and Sciences Kumba (Government secondary and high school).

Subjects taught: Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics in secondary and high school, English as language of instruction.

Head of Mathematics department.

In charge of entrance examination for new students in Mathematics and Physics.

Member of various school committees, i.e. permanent secretary of the disciplinary council.

In charge of new Science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Technology, assigned by the Ministry of National Education. The equipment was provided by the German company Leybold-Heraeus.

Supervisor of A-Level-Examinations (Physics Practical) assigned by the Ministry of National Education at another college.

In-service teacher training for Physics teachers on school and district levels.

In-service teacher training seminars under the umbrella of the “Southwest Association of Physics Teachers” with the aim to produce appropriate teaching aids and to write a textbook for Physics in the anglophone provinces of Cameroon in co-operation with Cameroonian teachers, members of the British Council and volunteers of the U.S. Peace Corps.

Member of various councils and committees of “Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst”, including the evaluation of four new projects of development co-operation



1990 – 1991

Bernd-Ryke-Grundschule Berlin (Germany)


Teacher of Mathematics, General Knowledge and German as Foreign Language in grades 3 – 6.



Grundschule am Windmühlenberg Berlin (Germany)


Teacher of Mathematics, English as Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Technology, Music, PE and Arts in grades 4 – 6.

Form tutor of a grade 4 class.

Member of the Financial Council.

In charge of design and technology equipment and audio-visual media.


1992 – 1999

Grundschule am Windmühlenberg Berlin (Germany)


School head of “Grundschule am Windmühlenberg”, government primary school with two streams, grades 1 – 6, preschool class and two special classes for refugee children with no knowledge of German language, 320 students, 25 teaching staff.

Subjects taught: Mathematics, English as Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Music, PE, Art.

Team teaching in inclusive classes with learning disabilities, hearing impairment, mentally disabilities and behaviour problems.

Extracurricular classes in Technology, Woodworks, ICT (text processing, network, web design).

In-service courses offered on time management, stress prevention, text processing, network, web design.

Coordination of the development of a new school action plan with emphasis on offensive PR strategy, inclusion of disabled children, prevention of violence, integration of migrants, increase of density of childcare, healthy nutrition, qualification of staff members, transparent planning and decision-making processes and introduction of new communication technologies.

The school participated in the competition of the “Carl Bertelsmann Award 1996” „Innovative School Systems in International Comparism“ for the national special award „Innovative Schulen in Deutschland“. The school was nominated as an example for a school with an innovative approach in the national network.

Participation in several seminars and congresses in the fields of schools in extended responsibilities and special education in problems of behaviour.

Moderation of a workshop for school heads and school inspectors from Berlin-Spandau and Berlin-Charlottenburg in the field of schools in extended responsibilities.

Moderation of the school development process of two secondary schools at Berlin to implement their school development action plans.

Development of teaching aids and material for the project "Eine Welt in der Schule" at University of Bremen.

Member of IBS – Berlin School Heads Association.


1999 – 2007

Theodor-Litt-Hauptschule Bonn (Germany)


Principal of “Theodor-Litt-Schule”, a government secondary school at Bonn with three streams, grades 5 – 10, 420 students and 34 teaching staff.

Subjects taught: Mathematics, Physics, English as Foreign Language and ICT.

In-service training offered for teachers at various schools in ICT.

Coordination of a new school development action plan: offensive PR strategy, career counselling, cooperation with numerous enterprises and partners, prevention of violence, integration of migrants, increase of density of childcare, cooperation with partners on local level, healthy nutrition, environmental awareness, in-service training for staff, transparency of decision making processes and introduction of ICT based communication.

Model school in teacher training in cooperation with University of Bonn.

Member of „Runder Sprachentisch“ at the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of Cologne and the district administration of Cologne.

Development of teaching aids and material for the project "Eine Welt in der Schule" at University of Bremen.

Affiliated member of the executive board of the confederation of principals of North Rhine-Westphalia (SLV NRW) from 11/2002 until 11/2004

In charge of questions concerning „Hauptschule“ and Cologne district.

Regional training programs for school heads.

Survey on experiences of school heads in North Rhine-Westphalia in recruiting teachers without formal qualification.


2007 – 2017

Deutsche Schule Taipei – Taipei European School German Section (Taiwan)


Principal of the German Section of Taipei European School = “Deutsche Schule Taipei”.

“Deutsche Schule Taipei” in an official German School Abroad supported by the German government through the Federal Agency of Administration  “Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen”.

It includes Kindergarten, primary school and secondary school.

The German school, the British school, the French school and an overarching High School are operated under the umbrella of Taipei European School Foundation.

Starting from Kindergarten up to grade 8 the three schools are teaching according to their respective national curricula. The German school is teaching the curriculum agreed by the German Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) for the German schools abroad in East and Southeast Asia and Australia.

Part of the subjects is taught in integrated lessons with students from all three sections.

In grades 9 and 10 the German students followed a special program approved by the KMK. In some subjects the students participated in the British curriculum in English language. In grade 10 all German students attended the centralized “Sekundar-I-Abschlussprüfung” of KMK as well as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) of the University of Cambridge.  

In grades 11 and 12 the German students participated in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program of the British Secondary and High School Section provided by the IB-Organisation. All teaching is in English language apart from the Course “German Language and Literature”. With this qualification they are due to enter all German universities (Allgemeine Hochschulzugangsberechtigung).

The pre-school program was integrated into a flexible school entry phase, that guarantees a smooth transition from kindergarten into primary school based on the individual development and needs of each child.

In Taipei European School many teachers teach across the section or in integrated classes. German teachers of German Section also teach German as Foreign Language in the British and French school programs.



“Bundesverdienstkreuz” - Federal Cross of Merit


Release of the German Institute Taipei:

On April 16th, 2018, the Director General of the German Institute, Martin Eberts, handed over the Federal Cross of Merit to the former Principal of the German School Taipei, Mr. Emmanuel Fritzen. Mr. Fritzen acted as School Head from 2007 until 2017. In this capacity he contributed in an extraordinary way in the development of the German School, the integration into Taipei European School, and he intensified multifaceted contacts with Taiwanese partners. Mr. Fritzen is on retirement since 2017, but he is nevertheless still active in multiple projects.


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